VectorMount Go2X - GoMT & 2X Conversion Kit - BLACK

VectorMount Go2X - GoMT & 2X Conversion Kit - BLACK
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Product Description

VectraMount for GoPro is a revolutionary vehicular mounting device for your GoPro camera designed to dynamically rotate the camera and create a richer, more stunning composition of video.

As the vehicle moves forward in a straight line the camera mount points the camera view forward. As the vehicle turns, a swing-weight assembly is affected by centrifugal force and causes the camera mount to swing, pointing the camera view into the direction of the turn, just as a driver would look into the direction of a turn. This creates an added dynamic to the video not captured by traditional static mounts.

A stunning display of cinematography as your camera pans from side to side to capture action otherwise often missed. The VectraMount creates a richer, more involved video with which static videography cannot compete.

Instead of putting a live cameraman on the hood of your car, VectraMount stays one step ahead and handles the cinematography for your GoPro, automatically. Delivering cutting-edge video of action and scenery you never knew was there, the VectraMount allows you to push the envelope with your GoPro.

The VectraMount GO
The GO is our 'fixed' model and can be attached to the vehicle by threading the mount to various standard mounting assemblies, suction cups or fixed brackets. Or use the optional portable Tri-base. For photographing in opposite directions at once (forward and backward) using two GoPro cameras, see the optional GO2X Conversion Kit.

Pan, scan and capture your adventure automatically as you drive.
Weathervane-style tail & wing use natural airflow to steer the camera.
Adjustable swing weight uses centrifugal force to compose the shot.
Modular construction provides versatility and expansion.
Silicone dampening allows the camera view to glide evenly across the landscape.
Anodized aluminum and stainless components provide lightweight strength and long life.
Precision craftsmanship manufactured in the USA.


  • VectraMount GO body assembly
  • Adjustable slide weight
  • Weathervane-style tail and wing
  • Tool kit with hex wrenches and bubble level


  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 5" x 13.5"
  • Shaft threads: Internal 1/4-20, external 1/2-20
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum
  • Construction: CNC precision machined
  • Testing: Factory tested for accuracy and reliability

**GoPro Camera or Case not included.**

For a deeper view of the VectraMount, download the VectraMount User Manual

VectraMount for GoPro: Action at Every Turn from Vectra Mount on Vimeo.