KONG MkII Train Horn Package 200psi - SOLD OUT!!

KONG MkII Train Horn Package 200psi - SOLD OUT!!

200psi KONG MkII Train Horn Package


Siege once again pulled out all the stops! You cannot comprehend what this system feels like unless you have stood next to it!

The Kong MkII at 200psi belts out a solid wall of sound! We work around these horns all the time. we can tell you from personal experience that you never get used to it.

This package has a big stack of great stuff for the hard-core train horn fan from the hardest of the hard-core system builders at Siege Engineering! This system is a real heavy weight and performs stunningly!

This Kit Includes: (see pictures below)

  • 1 - Kong MkII Air Horn in hand spun BRASS - then triple chrome plated
    A Genuine Siege Engineering Product
  • 1 - Viair 380C Air Compressor Pump w/Snorkel
  • 1 - Viair Air Filter w/ Replacement Elements
  • 1 - 1/2" NPT Brass Air Valve Upgrade
  • 1 - One Way Check Valve Upgrade
  • 1 - 3 Gallon 7 Port 200psi Tank
  • 1 - Wiring Harness with Relay
  • 1 - Pressure Gauge
  • 20' - 1/2" BIG Air Hose with Nickel Plated Push On Air Fittings
  • 9 Page Installation Guide Written for the First Time Installer


Click Here for a Sound Clip
(Clip was made at 120psi, imagine it at 200psi...insane!!.)

Here's what you get in this package:

Kong MkII Train Horn:

The Kong Mk II builds on the devastating reputation forged by the first generation KONG horns. The KONG MkII is custom made to exacting and outrageous specifications. Senior engineer J.C. went above, beyond, and most likely wrote his name in the history books with this horn design. Enough talk, talk is cheap. Check out the specifications:

The Kong MkII sets a new standard in our horn line for loudness and sound quality. Due to the size of the air passages, the trumpets, and the 1/2" inch pipe inlet port the top end capacity of this horn is far beyond anything we've ever built. You 100% can be the first kid on your block to get one!

Look Inside the Trumpets! Inside these trumpets you'll see Siege Engineering's silver metallic coating that nicely compliments our great chrome. No dull gray paint in this horn's trumpets!

Size - To get the specific tone we've got here, size does comes with sound. Physics is physics and you can't cheat some things. The horn bundle is 16" wide across the flares, 13" tall from base plate to the top of the tallest flare, and 20" long from flare to the end of the caps.

What about Too Loud? - Yes that may be a real problem with Kong MkII. We suggest you get over it.

  • Flat out our biggest, baddest, and deepest air horn to date!
  • This is what all the rumors in the last 6 months have been about.
  • This is the horn that beats up on other horns and then takes their lunch money.
  • If you are looking to impress people with a loud system the Kong MkII is your weapon of choice.
  • Specifications:

  • 200psi working pressure rating
    (Not a 1/2in wide inlet.... a 1/2in pipe inlet which is about 5/8in wide!)
  • 250% larger air passages (look left, they're huge!)
  • Tuned feeder ports in the housings
  • Tuned 316 stainless steel diaphragms
  • Thicker and wider casings
  • Spun from BRASS for an awesome quality pitch you cannot get with any other material!
  • Longer, wider, and taller
  • Louder and deeper than our anvil series
  • Upgraded housing and appearance package
  • Looks like it was carved from a chunk of metal because it was!
  • Heavy Metal Mounting Base Plate
  • Viair 380C Air Pump

    The pump in the system is a Viair 380C with an air filter, two elements, and the snorkel extension to allow you to remote mount the air filter.

    The Viair 380C features an oil-less design, high performance PTFE piston ring, stainless steel valves, moisture and dust resistance, a gear-less direct drive motor, an anodized aluminum alloy cylinder, automatic reset thermal overload protector, mounting plates with vibration isolators, stainless steel braided leader hose, an inline check valve, and a chrome body.

    The 380C's specifications are 12vDC, 16amp max draw, 1/4 horsepower, max working pressure 200psi, max ambient temp:158 F, min. ambient Temp: -40 F, permanent magnetic motor, max. duty cycle @ 100 PSI: 100% (@72 F), dimension: 9' L x 4" W x 7" H, and net weight: 8 LBS.

    Tank Fill Times
    3 Gallon Tank Fill Time 5 Gallon Tank Fill Time
    0 to 105 PSI 3 MIN 24 SEC 0 to 145 PSI 5 MIN 36 SEC
    0 to 145 PSI 5 MIN 09 SEC 0 to 200 PSI 8 MIN 41 SEC
    85 to 105 PSI 42 SECONDS 110 to 145 PSI 1 MIN 12 SEC
    110 to 145 PSI 1 MIN 35 SEC 165 to 200 PSI 2 MIN 42 SEC

    This air system that powers the horn is also great for air suspension setups, air tools, and other large capacity needs.

    Air Hose:
    NO SKINNY HOSES! You will get 20 feet of huge 3/8" black large diameter high flowing hose and brass fittings for both ends. This hose can be cut to length and then attached to both the horn and the compressor. Fittings are included. The fittings can be undone and then reattached.

    Killer systems need killer valves for high flow. This package include one of our CE approved super-high flowing 1/2 inch air valves. It gives a quick, sharp, instant release - even at 200psi. We promise no wimpy "croaking noises". No special wiring either.

    About the System Installation:
    NO DEAD CAR BATTERIES WITH OUR SYSTEM!! ---You get a full automotive wiring harness, including a relay, with this system. The harness is made from thick cable and includes a relay. The relay prevents the air system from running when your car or truck is turned off (to avoid killing your battery.)

    The coil of red wire is for power to the pump, and the blue wire is for connecting the relay and the horn's air valve. A fuse and fuse holder are included. The black wire on the pump is used to ground the compressor to your frame.

    Most people will need a couple of electrical connectors from the local auto parts store, some thread tape or compound, and some zip ties. This kit is otherwise pretty complete: air source, hose, horn, valve, & wiring are all included. With the wiring harness and air hose we include this system installs FAST!

    Experienced installers will need about an hour. Novice installers will need 1-3 hours. You can set the tank in the trunk. Then mount the horn under the hood or on the frame of the truck.

    * The air horn is a genuine Siege Engineering Air Horn
    * Air system is factory new, with a no DOA (Dead On Arrival) warranty & replacement parts are available!!!