4' LED Safeglo Lighted Whip w Flag - BLUE - FREE SHIPPING

4' LED Safeglo Lighted Whip w Flag - BLUE - FREE SHIPPING
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Product Description

4' Safe Glo Super LED lighted Whip, w/Flag

Safe Glo LED lighted super whips are absolutely the best LED lighted whip on the market today, and they are very affordable. The Safe Glo 4 foot Super Whip contains over 130 super bright LED's!!

LED Lighted Whip Overview:
Released for the 2010 season another incredible whip from Safeglo!! There all new super bright whip. You wanted the brightest now we have it. This whip is incredible and has been engineered and manufactured here in the states. It boasts top quality workmanship. Be the first to have one in your camp!!

Safe Glo whips come in 6 dramatic colors and one combo color (Blue, Red, Green, Amber, White, Pink & Red/White/Blue). Whips are 4' tall and come with a red pennant flag. Installation instructions are provided, and you get a 6 month limited manufactures warranty against defects and craftsmanship.

LED Whip Mount System:
Safe Glo lighted whips come with a machined billet aluminum end with a steel threaded shaft mount. This can be mounted to and 1/2" hole, whip mount or wired quick release whip holder. Safe Glo Whips are compatible with Livewire whip mounts and most standard wired buggy mounts on the market. Wired quick release mounts are available for an additional $15.00

LED Whip Circuitry:
Designing an electronic circuitry that can endure the abuse of the off road community takes knowledge and experience. Our circuitry boasts a number of design elements that make our whips the most durable and capable whips on the market.

LED Whip Pole:
Our poles are made from high strength, light weight poly carbonate (Lexan) that's very flexible, boasts high clarity, and won't crack.

Product Specifications:

  • Whip length: 4 foot
  • RCA pig tail included for wiring
  • Aluminum base with a steel threaded shaft (1/2"x20 threads)
  • Poly carbonate pole - Lexan
  • 50,000 hour rated led's 2 Amps
  • Red Safe Glo Flag
  • Supply voltage: 12v - 14.8v