Fastway Flip 6" Automatic Trailer Jack Foot

Fastway Flip 6" Automatic Trailer Jack Foot
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Product Description

Fastway Flip Automatic Trailer Jack Foot

Tired of hauling around and stacking up old 2x4s, just so you can get a little more height from your jack?  The new Fastway® Flip™ takes care of those hassles for good.

The Flip jack foot attaches permanently to the bottom of your jack's inner tube.  As you extend your jack, the Flip jack foot extends down, and locks into place.  When you raise your jack, the Flip jack foot automatically tucks up under the frame and out of the way!

The Fastway® Flip™ automatic jack foot extends and retracts automatically! The Fastway® Flip jack foot adds six inches automatically to your 2-1/4" jack (2" outside dimension inner jack tube). It drops into place automatically when you extend your jack, and tucks up out of the way automatically when you retract it for towing!

Occasional Low Clearance Situations
If you must drop the trailer in a place where there is not enough clearance below the jack for the Flip jack foot to pivot down properly, the jack may be extended with the jack foot in a horizontal position. A small block of wood placed directly under the inner jack tube will help keep the weight from bending the Flip jack foot.