Fabtech HD Tie Rod Ends FTS71002

Fabtech HD Tie Rod Ends FTS71002
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Lift kits, Oversized wheels and tires, Off Roading, Drag Racing, Sled Pulling in 4 wheel drive and just everyday driving can apply extreme demands on the stock GM steering components. The factory tie rod assemblies on the Chevy / GMC - 1500HD/2500HD/3500 and the Hummer H2 are not sufficient for the job they were asked to do. These components were way under designed from the factory and are a real danger when extra loads are put on them.

From the start these undersized components are the weak link in the front end of your truck and need to be addressed for a good reliable solid steering system. Since the factory tie rod ends are not what they should be, they start wearing prematurely which will result in sloppy steering at first, then eventually the worst case, complete failure and breakage. Even the tie rod shaft themselves are very thin and weak, we have seen them bend from just mild off roading.

Unfortunately the original units were just way under designed from the get go. So even good quality aftermarket replacement steering parts are better, but the original OEM units are just too small to take the extra demand put on them. It is the small size of the joint and the main shaft that is the culprit not just the quality of the part.....

True Story ~~ We have seen first hand GM outer tie rods ends give up the go and break apart and this was on a truck that had never seen the dirt and was used for normal street driving. Not to scare anyone, but I think I need to share a friends story with you. We have a good friend (local police officer) that took his 2001 GMC Sierra with a 8" Fabtech lift on a 300 mile rode trip to the Colorado river. He had the truck loaded all of the family's stuff for the weekend, then hooked up the family ski boat, loaded his wife and two kids in the truck and left the house for a fun family weekend. After traveling 300+ miles on the interstate he exited the interstate and headed for the vacation house. As he slowly entered the drive way to the vacation house and went up that little tiny 1" bump at the end of the driveway, the right outer OE tie rod end snapped off and sent the tire flopping rearward into the fender well and stopped him in his tracks. Luckily this is when it decided to break, at low speeds in front of his house, how lucky to have it break then and there, after traveling over 300 miles at high way speeds. Who knows what could have happened if it had broken off at high way speeds???? He NOW owns a set of these tie rod ends!!!

Fabtech Super Tie Rod Assemblies are almost three times the size of the original GM Units. Provide better steering control and increased safety. THEY ARE A MUST FOR LIFTED TRUCKS WITH BIGGER TIRES. Don't get left on the side of the road, buy some cheap insurance and peace of mind. Directly replaces original factory units and attaches to the stock center link.


- 2001-2010 - Silverado/Sierra 1500HD, 2500, 2500HD & 3500 (2wd & 4wd)
- 2001-2010 - 2500 Suburban / Yukon XL / Avalanche (2wd & 4wd)
- 2003-2008 - Hummer H2
- Does NOT fit 1500 Light Duty
- Part # FAB-FTS71002

Note: We have found on some trucks, especially trucks with stock suspension that have been highly leveled out, (raised up in the front) (especially you guys running Cognito's aftermarket upper control arm kit and or lifting leveling keys. The new Fabtech inner tie rod joints are much bigger and come very close to the factory sway bar. On some trucks they will even hit the sway bar. This combination of bigger inner tie rod joints and increase lower control arm angle makes this a really good possibility. Increased lower control arm angle pulls the sway bar down with it causing this possible issue. Please check your truck for clearance.

We have now started carrying a HD 1" Longer Sway Bar End Link Kit. This kit is 1" longer and features Energy Suspension Performance Polyurethane Bushings Made of HYPER-FLEX Performance Polyurethane. Complete end link set includes: firm durometer polyurethane bushings, zinc plated 3/8" grade-5 bolts, "crimp-lock" nuts, custom length stainless steel center sleeves and heavy gauge washers. This unit is far superior than the OE Unit. Please let us know if you need one of these kits. Add $30.00 for the HD Sway Bar End Link Kit, does both sides. No additional shipping charge. PLEASE SELECT WHEN ADDING TO SHOPPING CART..

This kit is for trucks with no lift kit or lift kits that require use of the original GM sway bar end links. For lifted trucks with aftermarket end links, check your clearance, we have longer units available for those trucks as well.

Factory Inner - Truck Highly Leveled