Vehicle Cover Gust Guard Cover Hold Down System - FREE SHIPPING!

Vehicle Cover Gust Guard Cover Hold Down System - FREE SHIPPING!
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Product Description

Vehicle Cover Gust Guard Adjustable Cover Hold Down System

No matter how snuggly your car cover fits, itís still prone to blowing off or shifting during high winds, unless you have the Covercraft Gust Guard. While using a car cover in high wind conditions is not recommended, sometimes you have to leave your vehicle covered for long periods of time (at an airport, while on vacation, etc.), and wind gusts can be a problem. Fighting back against wind gusts, the Covercraft wind strap keeps your car cover securely in place.

More than just a bunch of cords and clamps, the Covercraft Gust Guard is a complete system designed to keep your cover in place and your car protected. This car cover gust guard uses four clips and two adjustable cords to secure your cover on your vehicle. The clips simply attach to the car cover hem in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires. And, the included Quick Grip friction locks allow to you easily adjust the tension. Whatís more, the Covercraft Gust Guard can even be used to protect your BBQ, lawn furniture or ATV.

  • Keep your car cover secure with Gust Guard
  • Easy to use and attaches in minutes
  • Includes two 36Ē elastic cords, four adjustable hem clamps, two Quick Grip friction locks for tension adjustment, and installation instructions

Kit includes:

  • 4 Adjustable hem clamps (black)
  • 2 Quick Grip" friction locks (red)
  • 2 Seven foot long white cords