Accel 8mm 300+Spark Plug Wires
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Experience maximum performance for your sport compacts on and off the race track with ACCEL’S 300 Plus Thunder-sport Ultra Performance Wires.

ACCEL’s 300plus ThunderSport™ Ferro-Spiral™ Ultra Performance Wire Sets feature a technologically advanced race-winning ignition wire.The design centers around the industry’s heaviest gauge copper-nickel alloy conductor, spiral-wound around a fully reactive ferrite impregnated all- Kevlar® stranded inner core with a resistance of only 150 Ohms/foot.The combination of extremely low resistance and heavy gauge conductor ensures that both maximum voltage and amperage reach the spark plug.This generates performance you can both see and feel in a smoother running engine with quicker throttle response, faster acceleration, improved fuel economy and reduced HC and CO emissions. Because ACCEL’s 300plus ThunderSport wire uses the heaviest gauge spiral-wound alloy in the industry, it can deliver 160% more amperage than our closest competitor and up to 640% more amperage than an OE style spiral core wire! You wouldn’t run an arc welder off a lamp cord, so don’t let your spark plug wires be the weak link in your high performance ignition system. Insist on ACCEL 300plus ThunderSport Ferro-Spiral Ultra Performance spark plug wires. ACCEL the first name in ACCELeration!

The oversized 8mm wire features a double silicone construction rated at over 550°F and 60kV.The high gloss silicone wire jacket not only looks great, but resists heat extremes, petrochemicals, ozone and moisture better than so-called blended materials for greater durability and longer life.The high-density, high-temperature silicone insulation provides greater dielectric strength and eliminates arcing and the effects of corona better than the typical OE style rubber materials.The all-Kevlar stranded inner core and fiberglass braiding adds greater pull strength and terminal retention.The stainless steel and brass terminals provide unsurpassed electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance compared to terminals made of common or plated metals.The precision- molded spark plug boots are a one-piece silicone design or a multi-piece assembly, that fits your specific engine exactly; no one-size-fits-all universal substitutes! Lower spark plug wire resistance allows more voltage to reach the spark plug exposing more air/fuel mixture to the flame kernel. OE style spark plug wires have a resistance of 4,500 Ohms/foot which result in 30 times more voltage loss than ACCEL’s 300plus ThunderSport Ferro-Spiral Ultra Performance wire sets. Don’t be fooled by other’s claims that lower resistance alone will generate higher performance.

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